Pocket Video Player 2.16.0


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This software is the video player that is not required to tedious create playlist and synchronization.
You can playback continuously multiple video files.
Please enjoy your favorite videos with "Pocket Video Player".

[ Icon Designer ]

play, stop, prev, next buttons--- deviantdark
repeat button --- Jack Cai
open button --- Marvin Ristau
close button --- Alessandro Rei

[ Requirement ]
OS: Android version 1.6 or higher
Resolution: 480 x 800px or higher

Support file format: m4v, m4a, mp4, mp3, 3g2, 3gp, flac, mid, midi, xmf, mxmf, rtttl, rtx, ota, imy, ogg, wav, ts, acc
* Even file formats that support, the codec used to compress the file may not play.
*For high-quality MP4 is not done properly may be switched between portrait and landscape screen. Video devices like state (vertical or horizontal), please start the software while on.

[ How to Use ]
1. save video files(supported format) on hard disk.

2. excute Pocket Video Player. Playback Video Panel and Controller appear.

3. tap open button. Open Panel appear.

4. select file
if select file, the file will begin playback.
if tap "open directory", make the list of files to find the following to support the currently displayed folder, continuous playback is started.
if turn shuffle check box on before tap "open directory", start continuous and shuffling playback.

(( Playback Video Panel ))
tap screen, Controller appear.

(( Controller )) --- long tap video screen

Video List --- tap, starting playpack the file.
Previous button --- long tap Video List Panel appear.
Play button
Stop button
Repeat button --- black is Repeat off、red is Repeat on。
Background button --- background of Controller exchange "Rain drop" or transparency.
Open button --- long tap, title appear.
Next button --- long tap, Video List Panel appear.
Seek bar --- change the playback position by tap or slide.
Close button --- tap, Controller disappear. long tap, Settings Panel appear.

(( Open Panel )) --- tap open button
back button --- back to Playback Video Panel.
open directory button --- make the list of files to find the following to support the currently displayed folder, continuous playback is started.
shuffle checkbox --- shuffling playback
up button --- move to up onr level folder.
files and directories buttons --- black is file, pink is folder.

(( Video List Panel )) --- long tap prev/next button
back button --- back to Playback Video Panel.
video list --- tap, starting playback the file.

(( Settings Panel )) --- long tap X button
Home Directory --- set the home directory of software startup. (example) /sdcard/Video/ or /sdcard/Video

Title Display Type --- change the title display type. displayed as follows.
FULL PATH --- /x/x/x/01 title.mp4
FILE NAME --- 01 title.mp4
EXCEPT NUMBER --- title.mp4
LAST DIRECTORY --- title and last folder name
LAST2 DIRECTORIES --- title, up one level folder name and last folder name

[ Caution! ]

Unfortunately the software does not work, please return product within 15 minutes after download.
If less than 15 minutes, you can receive a full refund.

Author : Kazuki Yamamoto
e-mail : kazuki.g.yamamoto@gmail.com

Last Updated:2015-06-10 14:51:32
File size:1.89MB